2015 UN Youth Aotearoa Youth Declaration

A big thank you to the UN Youth Aotearoa Youth Declaration for inviting me on as an expert speaker earlier today. Environment Focus Group - you guys were the best, I couldn't have asked for more engaged and attentive listeners!

It was great getting to share my experiences working in the field of environmental science and marine biology and I absolutely loved hearing how enthusiastic you all were whenever a new topic of discussion was brought to the table.

Your voice does count and you are all in the unique position that you can help make a difference in protecting our country’s environment. So when you come to making your Youth Declaration try your best to make sure that economic benefit and environmental change are always afforded equal importance!

Keep rocking on, raise awareness, communicate what you know and help make change!

If anything, you inspired me :)

Click here to read the Youth Declaration.

2015 Auckland Video Content Conference

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